Product Benefits

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Leak-tight system for maximum loss-free flow
  • Low weight and simple push-on couplings enable high installation rates even in less accessible and demanding terrain
  • Very smooth inner pipe surfaces minimize friction and pressure loss and simplify hygienic measures
  • Variable lengths as pipes can easily be shortened on site
  • High stiffness classes available
  • Angular deflection possible in couplings
  • Installation possible irrespective of weather conditions
  • Single source system solution including manholes and fittings
  • Consistent high quality tested by in-house and third party specialists (testing of material properties, pressure tests, etc.)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • UV resistance
  • High structural load capacity
  • Compatibility with other materials
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Service life up to 100 years

relining pipespipe fittings

Jacking Pipes

HOBAS Jacking Pipes with flush couplings (GRP or stainless steel) are used for trenchless installations of different applications. Physical Properties Nominal Diameter [DN] 250 - 3600 m...

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Non-Circular-Pipes cc-grp

Non-Circular Pipes

HOBAS Non-Circular Pipe Systems can be used for the rehabilitation and new construction of non circular systems. Standard as well as off standard profile forms are available (off standa...

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Non-Pressure-Pipes butt-fusion machine

Non-Pressure Pipes

HOBAS Non-Pressure Pipes made ​​of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) are used as solution of various problems, but mainly for wastewater disposal as gravity line. Physical Prope...

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Standard Pipe Joints pvc pipes

Standard Pipe Joints

HOBAS Pipes are generally delivered to the construction site with a pre-mounted coupling. The standard pipe joint is the FWC coupling consisting of a GRP sleeve with a fitted, full widt...

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Double pipes hdpe pipes

Double Pipes

HOBAS Pipes can be used as pipe-in-pipe systems for applications in water protection areas or for e.g. thermally insulated bridge drainage. Physical Properties Nominal Diameter [DN] 200...

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relining pipespipe fittings

Relining Pipes

HOBAS Relining Pipes are mainly used for the rehabilitation of circular pipe systems. HOBAS Relining Pipes are available with flush couplings. As alternative, relining pipes are also av...

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masonry coupling pipe fittings

Masonry Coupling

HOBAS Masonry Couplings are utilized to join pipes to concrete manholes and walls. The standard length is 300 mm, other lengths are available on request.

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