PVC and CPVC Pipes

Scope This specification sheet covers the manufacturer’s requirements for PVC and CPVC pipes in accordance with respective international standards. These pipes meet or exceed th...

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hdpe fittings hdpe fittings


CarboneTM Series PVC and CPVC Schedule 80 fittings incorporate and exceed major international standards for industrial piping solutions. This product line incorporate rigorous as...

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WTF pipe fittings

WTF™ Series

WTF™ product series are designed not only to meet the requirements outlined by various international standard institutions, but to exceed them.   Products, documentation...

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True Union Ball Valves

Hydroseal Canada’s fortis series True Union Ball Valves are cost effective, yet rugged enough to stand up to demanding industrial and commercial applications. The valves are ass...

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Butterfly Valves

Single Mold Body Hydroseal Canada’s 2” through 8” all plastic titan Butterfly valves are rated at a full 150 PSI. Hydroseal Canada valves are constructed from a one piece body ...

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90callibreprimer pvc pipes

PVC Primer

Hydroseal® Canada 90 Callibre Primer   is a low VOC emission, non-bodied, fast acting primer. The strong, aggressive action of 90   Callibre Primer rapidly soften...

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pvc cement , pvc pipes

PVC Cement

Hydroseal® Canada 45 Callibre PVC Cement   is a clear or gray, extra heavy bodied, medium setting, high strength PVC solvent cement   for all classes and schedule...

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