Extrusion Machine

STARGUN is a line of handy and easy to use extruder welders. All models distinguish for

being light, compact and very smooth during the welding phase. The entire line is

supported by a series of interchangeable Teflon® shoes which allow the STARGUN to adapt

to every kind of welding situation: from plane sheets to oblique angles. Thanks to their

versatility they are able to weld different types of fabrications like: containing tanks, fume

treatment towers, scrubbers, chemical hoods, aspiration systems, and for joining linings

and geo-textiles. All the models can be provided with different types of handle which allow

to customize the extruder in order to give to the operator a high-performance instrument.

In the chart below find the main characteristics that make of the STARGUN a unique


  • Multi function display for double thermoregulator settings and hour counter


  • High intensity LED’s illuminating the extrusion area in dark places


  • 360 deg rotating Teflon shoe


  • Motor trigger and welding speed adjustment


  • Built-in blower; reduce weight and overall dimensions of the extruder


  • 360 deg rotating side handle