WTF™ Series

WTF™ product series are designed not only to meet the requirements outlined by various

international standard institutions, but to exceed them.


Products, documentation and services marked with the WTF™ symbols have been reverse

engineered down to a product’s basic function and then reworked to meet current needs

existing in modern industry today.

Guideline tenets that influence the creation of WTF™ products are:

  • Minimization of confusion between various international standards. Products that are designed to be compatible with Canadian, American, British, German, Japanese and Chinese piping systems. A good example of this is the WTF™ flange shown in the below picture. The PCD (or hole) pattern is designed to mate with North American, European and Asian flanged equipment.
  • Improving upon standards for PVC and CPVC products that may not work in alternate regions where climatic conditions may alter the physical and mechanical properties of PVC and CPVC products.
  • Reduction of real time cost, effort, labour and financing through innovative analysis.
  • Commitment to understanding each client’s individual needs.