Hawle products are used to ensure that water is distributed and regulated cleanly and reliably, from the source to the home. With an extensive range of isolation, distribution and control valves, as well as pipe connections and fittings for drinking water and wastewater systems, Hawle plays a major part in ensuring a reliable water supply. We are deeply committed to finding the best solutions for our customers and meeting the highest quality demands. To view this supplier's website, go to


Hydroseal Canada is a manufacturer of PVC and CPVC industrial piping systems, including pipes, fittings, valves & related accessories such as PVC & CPVC primers and solvent cement. To view this supplier's website, go to


RITMO S.P.A. is a world leader with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of plastic welding equipment. Product ranges include butt fusion, electrofusion and extrusion equipment. Ritmo is also providing a complete line of accessories and useful instruments for pipe cutting and weld preparations. To view this supplier's website, go to


Simona offers the most extensive range of semi-finished thermoplastics worldwide. Products encompasses pipes, fittings, valves, sheets, rods, profiles, welding rods and finished parts for a diverse range of applications with materials such as PE and PP to PVC, PVDF and E-CTFE. To view this supplier's website, go to


KAN was established in 1990 and has been implementing state of the art technologies in heating and water distribution solutions ever since. KAN is a European recognized leader and supplier of state of the art KAN-therm solutions and installations intended for indoor hot and cold tap water installations, central heating and floor heating installations, as well as fire extinguishing and technological installations. To view this supplier's website, go to